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We at Netherrealm are constantly trying to enhance and enrich the experience of our games, and improving the online experience is among the most requested areas of our player base. With the MKX Enhanced Online Beta, we are exploring new technology and methodology to bring our fans more responsive, seamless online matches. Throughout this multi-week event, we will be listening to our fans as they tell us what is working, and more importantly, what still needs improvements. For those who join the event, we encourage, and are open to feedback following every match.

We are looking for existing MKX players who have logged at least one hour of online playtime to gauge the effectiveness of the technology in this test. If you would like to help the development team in testing out this new technology, then we ask you take the following steps.

  1. Choose the console platform of which you played MKX.
  2. Enter the email to your WBPlay account which is connected with your game
  3. Click Enter and make sure you see the sign up confirmation.
  4. Wait. Our teams will verify your account and then select the players who best match the criteria.
  5. Starting the week of January 18th, we will begin to send invite emails with a code for the beta. Go to your system of choice, redeem, and begin the beta.

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Thanks for signing up. If you are selected, you will receive an email in the coming weeks with a Download Code and directions on how to begin playing the MKX Enhanced Online Beta. In the meantime, please check out the official forums and our social channels for the latest updates.


What kind of gameplay experience can we expect in this beta?
The gameplay experience in this beta will center around 1v1 online play in order to test improvements made to our online experience.
How do I sign up for the MKX Enhanced Online Beta?
Head to and follow the instructions there.
Can anyone join the MKX Enhanced Online Beta?
We are looking for existing MKX console players who have logged at least ONE hour of Online Play. We will be reviewing all candidates who sign up to determine if they meet the requirements.
When will I know if I have been accepted into the MKX Enhanced Online Beta?
We will be sending out invites beginning in mid January, and will continue to send more invites to players who qualify, until the conclusion of the test.
I have not been sent an invite yet. Is there a way to check if I will be added?
Unfortunately, once you sign up, there is no way to follow up on the status. Also, due to the requirement of the test, Beta Access is not guaranteed. Stay patient!
Where can I go to learn more about the game and the MKX Enhanced Online Beta?
Head on over to the official MKX forums at:
Are there any new features in the MKX Enhanced Online Beta?
There are no new features, just changes to improve the existing online experience.